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Prestwich Roadworks January 2022

by prestwichfocus on 5 January, 2022

Please see below a list of the main roadworks scheduled for January. The full list can be found here.

Bury New Road (Just opposite TGI Fridays), 16 January 2021, Lane Closures (BT)
Pinfold Drive, 30 January 2022, 2 way signals (United Utilities)
Bury Old Road (between Heys Road and Orange Hill Road), 6 January 2022, 2 way signals (United Utilities)
Sheepfoot Lane (near Meade Hill Road), up to 27 March 2022, 2 way signals (Transport for GM)
Hilton Lane (at Butt Hill Road), 11-12 January 2022, Multi-way signals (United Utilities)
Agecroft Road (in Salford, just near what was DogsRus, 17-25 January 2022, Multi-Way signals (United Utilities)

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