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Holyrood Ward Community Grants 2021-22

by prestwichfocus on 5 January, 2022

All Councillors receive a small fund to spend in their local area. Here in Holyrood Ward, your local councillors (Steve, Cristina and Tim) give 100% out to community groups.

Last year we asked for applications for projects – thank you to everyone who applied. This is where the money has been allocated this year:

So Prestwich £100
Heaton Park Primary £300
St Margaret’s Sunday School £400
Prestwich Remembers £400
Bailey Street Bowling £230
Prestwich Cricket Club £450
Recreation St. Rec £250
Simister Village Community Association £320
Be open on Breastfeeding £250
St Margaret’s Pre-School £100
Clean Team Prestwich £100*
Prestwich Arts Festival £50*

(* These grants were part of a larger grant jointly funded by our colleague in the St Mary’d Ward of Prestwich).

All the best to these groups and we look forward to reporting on the progress they have made in the future. Hopefully we get the funds again next year, in which case there will be an application process starting in the summer of 2022.

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