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Motorway Diversions Heywood Old Road

by timpickstone on 9 February, 2017

Just to update residents on the overnight motorway diversions that have been taking place using Heywood Old Road.

I am aware that this has been causing considerable nuisance, with the road not really being suitable for this sort of regular diversion.

This has been raised on a number of occasions with Highways England, who have been very helpful.

Previously the contractors have been using ‘Junction to Junction’ closures¬†which has meant using Heywood Old Road. After a lot of discussion they have now been given discussion to have larger closures – e.g. from Junction 18 to 20 or 20 to 18.

This closure would mean a diversionary route which uses the M60 between junction 18 and 21 and the A663 Broadway and A627M. This will now be their preferred route, they may occasionally have to revert to a shorter closure, but hopefully this means that Heywood Old Road will not be used in the future on a regular basis.

Hope that is good news and thank you to the residents that have raised this with us.



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